About Me

So this is the place where I'm supposed to tell you all about me – who I am and why I'm doing this.

Instead, I want to tell you a story.

Back in 1974, I smoked my very first cigarette. I did it for all the usual reasons: I wanted to look cool. I wanted to be independent. I wanted to seem grown up. I wanted my friends (or in this case, my cousins) to like me.

It was horrible, of course. I barely managed to suppress the coughing fit as the smoke traveled down into my lungs, and I'm sure I failed miserably at looking ‘cool' as I turned green from the unaccustomed dose of smoke and nicotine.

But practice makes perfect…

Fast-forward a couple of decades: By 1994 I'd smoked off-and-on for 20+ years. I'd tried quitting more ways than I could count on my fingers and my toes.

And I was two years into a Ph.D. program for research psychology.

Physician, heal thyself!

OK, I'm not a physician, but as a psychologist I was learning things that were clearly relevant to the task at hand: Eliminating the psychological aspects of the addiction that had brought me back to smoking after quitting repeatedly, sometimes for more than a year.

So I did what I believe we're supposed to do with science: I applied the principles to my own circumstances. And I did quit, one last time.


Some Facts About Me

Deanna Sykes


But enough about me.  If you haven't already, feel free to sign up for my free mini-course. Or if you're ready, learn more about my complete step-by-step system for quitting.

May you live with vitality, to shine your unique light on the world.

Free Mini Quit Smoking Course

The mini-course is a series of quit smoking lessons delivered over e-mail. Each lesson explains an important concept and an action step you can take to address it. Plus you will also get answers from the Quit Smoking Advisor, published every couple of weeks.

What Others Are Saying

"What did I like best about the program? It works! After 20 years of smoking, I didn't think I'd be able to quit, but The Complete Quit System not only showed me how to quit successfully, it told me exactly what to expect during the process—right down to my cigarette dream!"

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—Elizabeth B., Graduate Student