What is the Mini-Course and Why Is It Free?

The mini-course is a series of quit smoking lessons delivered over e-mail, to help you get started quitting. Each lesson explains an important concept related to the psychological aspect of smoking, and how it interferes with quitting, and then describes an action step you can take to start to deal with the problem.

Why is it free? Well, let's face it - there are a gazillion gimmicks out there that are supposed to help you quit smoking, and right now you don't have any way to know whether my approach is just another one of those, or if it's really something that can work for you. This is your no-risk way to find out.

The other reason is that it's my way of putting ‘good karma' out into the world. One of my recent subscribers wrote to me:

I stopped smoking 5 weeks ago today. I read the e-mails in your mini-course, and they were just the extra push I needed to stop completely. While I'm convinced that your full course is probably excellent, the free mini-course was all I needed to quit. Thanks again!

-- Ruth S.

Just complete the form at right, and the first lesson of the mini-course will be on its way to you. Plus you'll get also get answers from the Quit Smoking Advisor, published every couple of weeks.